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Why should I use a travel specialist?
In our daily lives, the internet is a great tool for researching. However, researching travel can be a daunting task. When Googling Honeymoons or Africa Safaris or River Cruises, there can be 10 million results. Every possibility is offered from itineraries to various costs. A travel specialist guides you through the planning process. The specialist is able to make recommendations based on experience, provide specially negotiated perks, tap into their relationships worldwide, and offer the greatest value. Many vacation suppliers only sell to a specialist and not direct to a consumer. This provides a specialist even more opportunities.

Do you charge for your expertise?
The simple answer is no. We do not charge for consultations or travel planning. There are a few non-recoverable costs and value adds in which we charge and are detailed below:
Airline tickets: $20 per ticket not issued in conjunction with the supplier offering the tour, cruise, or vacation package; $20 per ticket exchange; From $100 per ticket handling fee for frequent flyer award tickets
Other fees: From $15 for express delivery of travel documents.

Do you offer a payment plan?
On most packages and cruises, you can pay a small deposit to reserve your vacation.

Do you offer travel insurance?
Yes. And yes, we do recommend insuring your trip investment. Your travel specialist can assist you in selecting the right coverage.

Are you available nights and weekends?
Absolutely.  We understand you may have a day job.  AND you may want to escape your day job! However, since you can’t plan your escape on the job, Vacationista Travel will work with your schedule.  We provide consults in the evening or weekends.