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Real Honeymoon: Where Does A Master Travel Specialist Honeymoon?

Where does a Master Travel Specialist choose to honeymoon? When planning honeymoons and vacation experiences is your career, this can be a daunting decision! Just ask Master Travel Specialist and Founder of Vacationista Travel, Sherri Miller.  Married this summer, she and her husband knew of the endless possibilties.  We were able to grab Sherri for a quick interview for a peek into her romantic honeymoon at the Viceroy Sugar Beach St. Lucia in a Beach Bungalow and find out where she will be traveling next!

Viceroy Sugar Beach

Our Bungalow was nestled at the base of the mountains, on the strip of sand you see in the picture!

Where did you get married?

We were married this summer in McKinney, TX at the Bingham House.

Matt & Sherri's Wedding

Why did you and your husband choose St. Lucia and the Viceroy Sugar Beach?

Like many newly weds, we had taken several days off work prior to the wedding for preparation and to share time with our family and friends, most of which traveled from all across the US.  Therefore, we had to limit our honeymoon to one week.  This eliminated destinations on our list such as Tahiti and Africa.  We also knew we wanted the majority of our trip to be all about relaxing and being pampered! And of course, I wanted to choose a luxury resort I had not visited yet and had been on my dream list for many years.

Viceroy Sugar Beach Honeymoon
What did you most enjoy during your honeymoon?

The scenery and the peacefulness.  The Viceroy Sugar Beach (formerly the Jalousie Plantation) is nestled between the Piton Mountains and provides a breathtaking 360 degree view of the mountains, rain forest, and the ocean.  Oprah Winfrey was quoted as saying the Piton Mountains were one of 5 places you must see before you die.

Viceroy Sugar Beach

Our Bungalow was just behind the beach loungers

Can you share any recommendations or travel tips? (activities, best room types, etc.)

There is not an undesirable room type within this property! There are three room types – the luxury cottages, the luxury villas, and the luxury beachfront bungalows. We honeymooned in a beachfront bungalow.  All room types are incredibly spacious and all feature a private plunge pool.  The cottages are quite quaint and are dispersed throughout the rainforest area of the mountains.  Each accommodation provides the upmost privacy and a reason why many celebrities such as Denzel Washington and Martha Stewart choose to vacation here. Our bungalow, literally sat on the sand of the beach! One plus for reserving a bungalow – the BUTLER! Yes, he unpacked & packed for me! It truly was a dream honeymoon.

One day we rented a driver and boat for the day and I highly recommend. We were able to visit other resorts (a travel specialist is always working), snorkel anywhere, stopped for lunch in Marigot Bay—all at our own pace.

Only negative, was the food portions. As my husband states, I eat like a bird (I beg to differ) but even for me the portions were small.  We would have liked to have more of a variety as well, especially at lunch when we would order each day at the beach.

St Lucia HoneymoonCan you provide any reviews from the resorts you visited?

Of course! For dinner one evening, we visited the famed Ladera Resort for dinner at Dasheene.  I have always wanted to stay at this resort – so I thought.  It does have a mystic to it. It sits on atop the mountain overlooking The Viceroy Sugar Beach.  The resort accommodations are villas featuring only 3 walls, so there is an open-air wall.  They are private due to how they are situated in the hillside.  The dinner was fantastic.  However, we did speak to two honeymoon couples, which were staying at Ladera.  They provided some insight in which I had discovered on the beach earlier that day.  Since Ladera is not on the beach, it shares the beach with the Viceroy Sugar Beach.  However, unlike the guest staying at Sugar Beach, the guest at Ladera had a very small patch of sand on the beach they must stay within and the beach chairs were plastic chairs (something from the 1980s). This was disappointing to the honeymooners considering the rate they were paying at Ladera. In addition, beyond the bar at Dasheene, Ladera offered no other bar or lounge and therefore, we ran into couples often at the Sugar Beach bars & lounges.  Needless to say, they wish they had stayed at Sugar Beach.

One more review I will provide – yes, Jade Mountain Resort is absolutely beautiful. However, I was very surprised to find, Jade Mountain shares the beach and beach restaurant with Anse Chastanet Resort. The beach and restaurant were undesirable (small, black sand, restaurant in need of refurb). Also, this beach is shared with hundreds of cruise passengers, which have booked a shore excursion to this beach.

Dasheene Ladera St Lucia

Dasheene Restaurant @ Ladera Resort St Lucia – Beautiful View for Dinner!

What trip experience is next on your list?

In December, we will be heading north and visiting Winter Park, Colorado for ski season! Winter Park is continuing to grow and feature new resorts and attractions.  Just before our arrival, the new Coca Cola Tubing Park will be opening and I love to snow tube! I will post a full review upon our return! Winter Park Resort

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Vacationista Travel


We love planning Honeymoons and working with our clients and newly married, Kristin and Adam, reminds us each day why we love planning our soon to be newly weds first trip together as husband and wife! Months after their gorgeous wedding, they left the Wisconsin winter and flew away to an incredible honeymoon in St. Lucia, enjoying a Penthouse Honeymoon Beachfront suite at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort.

Here’s a peak into their wedding & honeymoon…..

It was such a pleasure to work with Kristin & Adam.  To hear their client story and read about their Real Honeymoon read below….

Where did you get married? Wedding reception location?

We got married in a beautiful church in downtown Milwaukee. Our reception was at the elegant and historic Pfister Hotel – Imperial Ballroom. Single-handedly the best night of our lives.

What did you most enjoy during your vacation?

Where do we start – St. Lucia was a perfect honeymoon. It was the first time in years that we actually just relaxed. No computers, no cell phones. We loved our resort (Sandals – Grande St. Lucian) – top notch rooms and amazing food. The island itself is breathtaking, and there is so much to do. On the days that we wanted to lounge – sitting by the pool or by the beach – it was sitting in the middle of paradise. However, St. Lucia is a friendly island, and we were comfortable exploring as much as we wanted to – plus the island is never short of amazing adventures.

Can you share any recommendations or travel tips? (activities, best room types, etc.)

Without a doubt – Simon Say’s Speed Boat Tour. It gave an amazing view of the island without such a long drive on the island roads. We were able to snorkel and see the incredible Pitons (a must). We were able to take a steamy mud bath at the Sulphur Spings Volcanic Park. The day ended with local cuisine and a jump in the freezing cold waterfall. We would recommend it to anyone. Plus – entirely reasonable from a cost perspective. We also hiked the Pigeon Island National Landmark – amazing view of the northern tip of the island. You can even see Martinique.

What is the one thing you would not be without when traveling?

Come on – this is an easy one – my husband. He is my partner in crime and I would never want to be without him during these adventures. However – now that I just got the new Ipad – I think that may be my answer. And of course my beach book and sunscreen!

Tell us about you. What city do you live in? Do you have any pets?

We live in Milwaukee, WI. You may not think there is a lot to do here. . but it is an amazing city. Lake Michigan is beautiful. The city completely comes alive in the summer. It is the home of the one and only – world’s largest music fest – Summerfest.

Easton is our wonderful, 90 pound black lab of pure fun. He is quite challenging at times – but is a big cuddler at heart! Our lives have never been the same since he came into them. We named him after the hockey stick and softball bat!


Why did you choose to use the services of Vacationista Travel?

We trust Sherri one-hundred percent. Her experience both professionally and personally goes unmatched. Everything about our vacation was planned to a tee. There were no details forgotten. In fact – I can hardly wait to plan our next trip! Vacations are a big investment, and you want to make them count. I feel that Sherri takes the stress out of planning the perfect vacation because you know what you are going to get! I am excited to work with her again!!